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Lotus 11

What great lines...
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Lotus Eleven as the most successful sports racing car during the mid-late 1950s was primarily meant to compete in the 1100 cc class. Starting from 1956 to 1958, Lotus 11 series were built in several versions where the later versions sometimes are referred to as Lotus 13.

Car racing is one of the oldest forms of competition in the world. As soon as the cars were invented, many people were willing to watch races. Following this desire came racers, and then bettors. Betting on racing events can be really exciting. Whether you have chosen the UK or the US online casino, you probably know that racing is not the most popular form of sports betting, even though you will always be able to place a bet available for the most prominent series. If you are new at betting on races, and by doing that you want to win real money, you should know that there are various types of racing bets, including placing bets on classic Lotus races. Since racing is not a team sport, but an individual sport, you are betting simply on which driver will finish in a better position. It looks easy, but placing bets on an actual winner is very difficult to do.