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Another Eleven GT comes to light. .... And it's a very famous one!

Malcolm Ricketts has recently sent Lotusracer pictures of his latest acquisition, an Eleven GT.

What is most interesting is that this the ex Alan Stacey car. Many of you will know that Alan was a famous works driver for Team Lotus, at the time of Graham Hill,  Cliff Allison, Keith Hall, Mackay Frazer and Jay Chamberlain. In fact in 1957 Alan teamed up with Peter Ashdown in one of the Team Lotus Eleven at LeMans. So, this particular car has some really interesting history. More details will follow soon.

It is great to see two Eleven GTs here on Lotusracer. If you go to the Restoration link at the top of the page you will see the GT body my car had when it was originally found by Robin Longdon.

Now Malcolm has uncovered his GT at some time in the future I will think about getting the hardtop body for my car restored. Any contributions gratefully received!!