Lotus Racer

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Bob Engberg,
Julian, California, USA

I just stumbled onto your Lotus XI website. Very nice.

I have Lotus XI S-1 Chassis #202. It was built and driven by Peter T. Ross, a volunteer member of Chapman's staff, who got the chassis "at cost" from Colin. The car raced in 1956 in England with a Ford engine. In 1957 Peter put in a Climax and raced at Vienna, Rouen, Monthery and elsewhere, until crashing it in Germany. The car was rebuilt at Lotus Ltd. The car has received a S-2 styled "W" frame addition in the cowling area, and "long" doors replaced the original short doors. In 1959 Peter sold the car to a Colorado (USA) owner, who may have raced it, and who then sold it in 1960 or so. It was bought by Les Stalgren, who put in a SAAB engine and a deDion and disc brakes, and raced very successfully in SCCA for many years. It was "retired" around 1980, changed ownership several times, and ended up in Atlanta, where I found it and bought it.

Two years ago we did a chassis-up restoration. I have run it several times here in California. My next event is this weekend at the "Speed Classic" in San Diego, California, one of Steve Earle's events.

I will attach some photos.

Best wishes,

Bob Engberg
Julian, California, USA