Lotus Racer

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Alastair Brown,
The car was bought in 1967 by a John Sutton from the widdow of the builder (who had been killed in a Formula Ford accident). He was from the East end, and had a daughter. John cannot recall the name, but my investigations lead me to think it was possibly either a Mark Hamilton or a Ron Riley.

Up until that time the car had been fitted with a mid mounted (very early for an amateur effort) 1100cc A series engine and a 5sp Hewland. rear suspension is almost identical to Lotus 19 in layout. The body was (professionally built, but by whom?)in alloy, and featured a 'shark nose' style. these two factors make me think car was probably built approx '61-62. By '63, surely any builder would be looking to replicate the 23B...... John fitted a Cosworth 1200 Ford engine and used the car in F1200, later rebodying the car in the 'Can Am' Style.

Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you could cast an eye over the attached photos of the car in it's earlier life and let me know if you have any ideas that could point me in the direction of confirming the origins of the car. If only entry lists for all 1100cc races in this period were as well covered on the web as Le Mans etc......Ah Well!

Many thanks in advance for any thoughts.


Alastair Brown, Edinburgh