Lotus Racer


Racing is my relaxation. I do it purely for the enjoyment of driving the car and competing with some brilliant drivers.

Thank you Richard Attwood, I will never forget your hand as you waved acknowledgement whilst you drifted the Briggs Cunningham Lister past me through Eau Rouge on a wet Spa. There are many other memories all equally vivid.

[apologies to Brooklands]

Over the last twenty three years I have seen many changes in the 50's Sports Racing Cars. I'm glad they have enjoyed a renaissance and there are now full grids of these wonderful cars. Years ago, I raced the Eleven in all sorts of races, but now there are amongst others the excellent VSCC and BARC series from which to choose.

My thanks to both clubs for having the foresight to support these spectacular and prestigious cars. In addition, I have had great fun competing in some of the endurance events run in the past. The Grove Air Series was great and I know my co-drivers [Martin Ricketts, Don Hands and Chris Alford] have all enjoyed themselves.


I will hopefully continue racing this Eleven for many years, although I am under some pressure from my 21 year old son and 18 year old daughter to give up racing just as soon as they can drive the car. For now I will continue to meet great people.

Thanks also to Gill and Malcolm Ricketts for their continuing help and hospitality. Finally mention must go to all the organisers, marshals and finally my fellow competitors. Here's to the next 23 seasons!